How to manage WhatsApp Storage data

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Written by Elijah

Almost everyone in the country now has a smartphone. But when some smartphones start hanging and running slow, then they feel very irritable. But there is a very easy way, by which your phone will start gaining momentum and that is to keep WhatsApp clean. Today we will tell you the trick of WhatsApp, due to which your mobile is full of unnecessary data.

Now people have joined all the groups on WhatsApp. Now that there is a group, it is common, someone must have sent photos, videos and documents. In such a situation, some people forget to turn off auto download, whose media gets saved automatically in their phone. This is one of the biggest reasons, which fills you up with the phone. Yes, the media storage gets filled up in waste. But do not worry, we will help you to increase the speed of your phone.

Increase the speed of the phone like this

1. First of all go to the WhatsApp account’s settings and go to Storage and Data.
2. After going to Storage and Data, the option of Media Auto Download comes.
3. You will see 3 options about this, you can go and remove the tick according to your wish.
4. If you have joined a group, then the media that came there is auto downloaded. So you can clean it time-to-time.
5. For this also go to the settings of WhatsApp account and go to Storage and Data.
6. In that you will see the option of Manage Data. By clicking on it, you can clean the entire data.

This will mean that if anyone has sent you any photos, videos or documents, then it will not be able to be downloaded, so that the gallery of your phone will not even be filled. Also, you can increase the speed of your smartphone every week. By following these two tricks, you can keep a good amount of storage in your mobile through WhatsApp, so that your mobile will start running a little faster.

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