Surprising Facts about Love and Attraction

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Surprising Facts About Love and Attraction

Love is unexplainable and widely used feeling, between couples, kids, parents, pets etc. Love is a multi dimensional facilitator of expressing emotions in unlimited forms. There are no set rules or laws of love. Everyone creates and establish their own. Love is real? Is it just an attraction? Or is it something you don’t know? Well only you can unravel the secret behind, by experiencing it. In the past if we see literature, poetry or art forms; love has inspired all in some or the other form. Love need not be branded to just February 14th.

Often we find people cribbing about their love. It may be because; attraction is often misunderstood with love. There are sample studies conducted to find out the main criteria or inkling between love and attraction.

Good sense of humour is a sure shot heart winning recipe. It creates a good vibe between the two. It is also a sign of intelligent and wittiness. Who doesn’t want to laugh till you start getting cramps and your jaw hurts?

Voice and Tone you speak in plays a major role in love and attraction. Girls with husky voice and boys with deep baritone attract more attention. Tone you speak in should be confident and you must know what you are saying? Confused statements are a big put off. Love and attraction has direct relation with voice and tone.

A medical paper states that when you love or are attracted to someone, while looking at them directly, pupil of your eye dilate. Something similar happens when you hate someone and look into their eye. Brain chemicals and signals out the emotions felt in a very crisp manner.

Due to certain biological needs and drives falling in love and attraction is natural phenomenon. It is just like getting addicted to nicotine the urge drives you there. But one must try to follow the below beautiful quote”

“Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.” William Shakespeare

There are some surprising facts brought upon by research papers in the field of love and attraction. Men tend to have more patience then women upon comparison. Women wait on an average for 7days in comparison to men11.25 days to receive a call back from a date. Men are more likely to experiment 80% to start the conversation or to go on a date instantaneously.

Love and attraction has broken many boundaries since ages. From 1940’s till date survey shows at least 95% have experienced sex before marriage, although our parents and grandparents claim to have refrained from it. But that is not completely true until they were in the remaining 5%. Human genetics is formed in a way that sex is an integral part of our complete system.

Looks, money, intelligence and speech play a major role in love and attraction partnership. Both men and women get drawn to good looking, wealthy, intelligent and well spoken person. Who doesn’t want to be madly in love with someone on a world cruise and the entire universe is at your feet.

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