Which are the actresses who are known to be the hottest in Hollywood?

Which are the actresses who are known to be the hottest in Hollywood
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Well if you still think that the trend of having a zero figure is what most actresses focus on then you are entirely wrong. Yes, seeing the trend many actresses did lose a lot of weight in order to have a zero figure. But does the men like a skinny appearing woman? Well no. More the fleshier the better. There are actresses in Hollywood who has awesome curves and they do keep themselves fit. According to them having a skinny figure doesn’t make a woman appear gracious whereas a curvy body can. Let us take a look at the five actresses who have a curvy body.

Scarlett Johansson

This Hollywood actress has some real curves and she is not at all thin. She is just perfect. When asked in an interview about her weight she declared very casually that keeping fit is her only motto. She hates going lean and thin. Instead, she loves her real-time curves. She also went on to say that she is not going to gain 120 pounds. All she wants is to stay healthy and curvy.

Kate Winslet

Who can forget this Titanic actress? The arch in her figure has always been the talk of the industry. In fact, she has been an inspirational figure to many new entrants into the world of entertainment. Once she also mentioned that the number of men she has spoken with in her entire life doesn’t approve of a woman without a curve. It makes the woman appear gorgeous and graceful.


Jennifer Lawrence

This woman is the world’s highest paid actress. She is not at all in the favour of possessing a body with has no layer in it. A healthy figure is all that she craves for. Even in an interview, she was that she in her entire life is not going to keep herself underfed which make her appear like as if she is underfed. All she wants is to keep fit and healthy.

Salma Hayek

This Mexican American actress has taken the world at her feet. She has some excellent curvy figure which on seeing makes a man crave for her. The bikinis make her appear curvaceous and hot.

Drew Barrymore

This actress who is also a mother of two has the prettiest looking curves. How much criticized she pays no heed to it.

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