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Linux is an operating system derived from UNIX. It is a free and open-source OS whose code is available for public use. Unlike Windows, Linux code can be modified or customized for specific requirements. Linux is a secure and flexible OS, much to the taste of developers. For our convenience, Linux provides some of its distributions, known as Linux Distros, each of which is specialized for certain requirements. We have penned down some of the best Linux Distros available in 2021:

Arch Linux:

It is an independently developed Linux distribution that suits programmers and developers. Arch Linux has its package manager named Pacman, which is optimized for the x84-64 architecture, whose repository is community-operated and regularly grows in quality and size. Arch Linux has a large number of packages that can be used and modified according to the developer’s needs. Software updates are unrolled via the rolling-release model. Manjaro is an example of an Arch Linux-based Linux Distros.


Ubuntu is the largest community-supported Linux Distros for desktop. It is popular for its user-friendly interface, easy to read instructions on its home/download page. It has all the essential applications, package installer, and compatibility required for desktop users. Ubuntu is loved by students as well as professional developers for its features and flexibility. Lubuntu, Kubuntu, and Linux Mint are Linux Distros based on Ubuntu.


Fedora is a Linux-based OS developed by Red Hat. It has a user-friendly interface, pre-installed essential software, and a DNF package manager to install other software. The platform supports various hardware, container, and cloud-computing environments, helping developers and community members design and deploy targeted solutions. Fedora comes with various desktop interfaces and environments apart from GNOME (default).


This is a Linux Distros for beginners switching from Windows. It has a simple GUI and applications similar to windows. The OS is also compatible with some of the windows software to help users have a smooth adaptation. Zorin is written in C, C++, D, Python, Java and was launched in 2009.


It is one of the oldest Linux Distros and serves as a base for other distributions like Ubuntu, PureOS, SteamOS. Debian is an award-winning OS, very secure, has many pre-installed applications, has a user-friendly interface, and is suitable for server distribution. The available packages in Debian count over 60,000 that unlock countless features for regular users as well as developers. Although old, its popularity never fades away.


These were some of the best available Linux Distros of 2021. Many other Linux Distros facilitate gaming, application developments, web developments, cyber security practice, and more. We hope to cover some more of them in the subsequent article. Comment down your opinion on the Linux Distros from above; thanks.

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