Best Woocommerce Hosting Platforms:

Best Woocommerce Hosting Platforms:
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WooCommerce is a cloud-based eCommerce hosting service that helps anyone establish an online store with ease. To help the business grow, it is important to put proper content on the website with minimal concern to maintain its technical aspects. The provider maintains the architecture, security, and data storage, which allows businesses to bloom.

Small startups and large organizations both prefer WooCommerce sites as a viable option to flourish. The price, architecture specifications all follow the pay-as-you-use model. Let’s take an overview of some popular and trusted WooCommerce hosts. Here they are:


This is a very popular WooCommerce host that provides essential WordPress plugins and other features necessary to run an e-commerce website. It has data centers worldwide, provides heavy computing power, is very secure, and comes at a competitive price. The SSL Encrypted certificate keeps the customer’s information secure. Its user-friendly interface, plus the additional high-tier functions for backup and caching, is a great positive. Pricing starts at 4 USD monthly.


This is a hosting platform that WordPress itself recommends. It comes with pre-installed WordPress and an official Storefront theme. Bluehost has a lot of features and has an easy-to-use UI. It provides an SSL encrypted certificate, a dedicated domain, a free domain name for the first year, and large storage, computing speed, and backup options. It is almost a pre-setup store, ready to be filled up with essentials only. Bluehost plans start with 13 USD /month.

Liquid-Web: Liquid-Web is a slightly expensive WooCommerce hosting platform that provides users with additional features, plugins, and services. Its theme, page builder, mobile optimization feature, SSL certificate, and other valuable functions improve our business. Other features like PCI scans, firewall options are available at a higher price. Everything is well managed by its easy-to-use interface. The lowest price of Liquid-Web starts at 19 USD monthly.

WP Engine:

It is a premium WordPress featured hosting platform for eCommerce websites. It provides a fast, secure, and guided hosting platform for its users. WP Engine is capable of handling heavy traffic and provides regular security updates, backups, auto-caching, single-click staging, and more. The features, easy interface, and various WordPress plugins are quite satisfactory. It gives us access to some premium themes apart from those on WordPress. Billing starts at 20 USD/month.


The basic function/feature of a WooCommerce host is to provide a secure, fast, attractive, and affordable environment to run our eCommerce websites. Large storage space is also a requisite for data backups. The above-mentioned WooCommerce hosts are capable of such. We expect you to have a good time with those WooCommerce hosts and also with us. Help us get better through your feedback; thanks.

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