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Spreadsheet is the best tool available for data management and organization. Whenever we deal with any analytics or record any events, spreadsheets are our go-to option. Spreadsheets have a large number of cells and built-in functions that can handle a large amount of data and its processing. Spreadsheets provide a tabular representation by default that avoids data loss and redundancy. All the database management systems prefer data handling through tabular representation. It is therefore important to check out some of the best spreadsheet software:

Microsoft Excel:

This is the most common spreadsheet software used worldwide. We are familiar with it from our school days. The large number of inbuilt functions that facilitates the management of bulky data makes it easy to deal with. Microsoft gives excel under the design-suite named office 365, where Excel is available both in offline and web application mode. The annual charge of Office 365 is around 70 dollars. Monthly plans are available too.

Google Sheets:

This is a server hosted spreadsheet software that works in online mode only. For normal users, it is free (business plan requires 6 USD/month), with only a Google account requirement. Google sheets handle large data and have plenty of functions and features for data organization. The functions available in Google sheets resemble Excel, allowing users to work on both the software without any major hitch. Google sheets allow multiple users to work on the same sheet at a time from different machines.

WPS office:

This is an alternative to Microsoft Excel or other paid spreadsheet software. WPS office provides integrated docs, spreadsheets and presentation slides in a single software, all for free. It is also compatible with spreadsheets from Excel, Google sheets or spreadsheets from other platforms. Students and many businesses acknowledge its usefulness.


LibreOffice is a free and open-source design suite for usage with added flexibility. It provides a spreadsheet application whose UI looks very traditional. Its open-sourced nature invites developers to improve its appearance, performance and data handling capability. It is best suited for Linux based operating systems, although it can work on all desktop Operating Systems.


All the software are designed in such a way that the file encodings of the spreadsheets are compatible with each other. The default extension of a spreadsheet is .xlsx; however .csv, .xlx are also some of the more available. For students, any of the above software is good enough to manage the tasks and assignments. Business organizations will need to make an economical and wise choice of their spreadsheet software. What do you think? Which one would you go for?

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