Best Presentation Software of 2021:

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Presentation slides come in handy for visualizing tasks, breaking down any complex approach, understanding the key points of a meeting/decision, and analyzing data. The pictorial form of display of information helps us to understand it clearly. Any business organization prefers presentation to understand the notables of any product, marketing strategy, or data related to the company’s economy. Let us take a walk across some best available presentation software in 2021:

Microsoft PowerPoint:

The most commonly used presentation software is Microsoft PowerPoint. It is available as both online and offline software for our computers. It contains many templates and designs that help us design an attractive presentation. The individual slides are auto-played using the slide show feature. PowerPoint is popularly used by both students and professionals to complete their assignments and make interesting presentations. Office 365 has a plan of 70 USD annually.

Google Slides:

Google Slides is the presentation software of the Google workspace and leads in completion with others. A large number of available themes and templates make it the most productive software for designing attractive and good-quality presentations. Having a Google account is the only requirement to use this software. The Q&A tool makes the presentation slides interactive, helping to form a good connection with the audience.

WPS Office Slides:

It is a similar design suite to MS PowerPoint, but users can download and use it without paying. It also contains various templates in the free and premium mode, which facilitates making attractive presentations. WPS Office is preferred as it is a free design suite to make presentations as well as Microsoft Office equivalent tasks.


Canva is presentation software that offers multiple templates, animations, and tools in its free and pro version. Many of the templates are designed for study and business use cases, helping users be precise with their design. Account creation helps presentations to be created smoothly. Canva provides smooth scrolling and a feature to ask questions during a live presentation, which helps us to keep the audience engaged. Pro plans start around 10 USD monthly.


For basic use, all of the above presentation software provides a large number of designs and is relatively affordable. We can export files into the .pptx format, which is the conventional encoding of presentation files. Students and business organizations are requested to check each of them out and choose one accordingly. Help us get better with your feedback and interaction; the comment section is for you.

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